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Marie-Claire is one of the UK’s top female inspirational and motivational speakers. If you want a speaker who will capture the attention of your audience and create a real energy at an event then find out how you can book Marie-Claire for your next event Book Marie-Claire…»

Why network marketing is the business of the 21st century

 Rumour has it that Donald Trump and Robert Kyosaki ( author of ) got together to work out what would be the best wealth strategy that ANYONE could do in the 21st Century. Now if you ve already read Robert' s groundbreaking book  , you'll know that they were nt looking at working a 9-5 job as an option! If you haven't yet read the Cashflow Quadrant let me explain briefly..The Quadrant explains 4 different ways to create wealth: 1) Employed, where you get taxed BEFORE you receive Read more [...] Read More »

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